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“Changing Lives – Empowering You”

Our unique Liberate Yourself BioEnergetic hCG,  is now manufactured, to our exacting homeopathic specifications, by one of Australia’s premier health product, production facilities under GMP, while our quality guiding manual has been upgraded extensively and reflects our collective and considerable industry experience and ongoing research.

As more and more individuals reap the Liberate Yourself BioEnergetic hCG rewards, more and more professionals are replicating our successes and the Liberate Yourself BioEnergetic hCG manual is now available with professional support at a growing number of Naturopathic clinics throughout Australasia.

With obesity and diet related conditions now impacting on the majority of adults and children in western societies, the unique hCG strategy is an essential tool in the prevention of lifestyle diseases. No other program focuses so precisely on the underlying cause of the problem while educating the participant so effectively on the long term solution. People discover for themselves the foods directly responsible for their declining energy levels and nutritional imbalance. Patients relearn how to eat to maintain ongoing wellness, long after the program has finished.

Self care and self education are imperatives in the resolution of the modern obesity pandemic and this revolutionary system is a compelling global solution.

As professionals we are passionate, and as everyday people we love the work we do. Our lives have always been focussed on service. Our collective aspirations become complete as our clients succeed.

Stacey Jarvis N.D. BHSc (CompMed) DipHomT (Hons) PGrdDipMedHerb

Stacey JarvisStacey is founder and principal naturopath of Jarvis Health New Zealand, which was established in 1994. Stacey’s passion for her professional and continued education is only outweighed by her passion for engaging with her clients to achieve their personal goals surrounding their health, increasing their vitality and promoting longevity. She lectures internationally as well as locally and her reputation is appreciated around the world. Please see for more details.

“Unfortunately so many of you will know how the weight loss industry makes many empty and short lived promises. You just have to take their magic shake or pill. Then of course there is the psychology behind weight loss. It sounds plausible that one only has to eat less and exercise more, unless that is you have ever tried to do it! Those genuine attempts to get in shape inevitably result in short term success followed by repeated failure or just plain failure for which the individual bears the shame.

I became a strong advocate for the Liberate Yourself hCG program over any other program because it not only works quickly but it is a platform to restore so many aspects of a person’s health; it delivers much more than weight loss. It sets the scene for long term success, as you discover how food affects your health and provides inspiration to work with diet as a way to maintain a new found wellness. You don’t even realize what is does and then it happens – the joy it brings is phenomenal!”

Our Australian Liberate Yourself BioEnergetic hCGFounders

Rochelle McKay-Masterton

Rochelle McKay-Masterton

Rochelle and Shaun are Naturopathic pioneers of the BioEnergetic, Homoeopathic Simeons dietary hCG system in Queensland, Australia

In early 2010, they were invited to professionally support an international speaker, presenting an innovative new homoeopathic hCG product supporting weight management. Through initial skepticism, then curiosity and participation leading to 16 kgs in fat loss (for Shaun personally), they were hooked and no longer carried the slightest doubt of the effectiveness of this product and the hCG dietary program.

When the opportunity presented to take the reigns they seized the opportunity and In fact, over time, and with their joint clinical experience have had the opportunity to tailor the product and the hCG dietary system to both enhance the outcomes for clients, and to train professionals in the superiority of this innovative hCG protocol.

Thousands of BioEnergetic homoeopathic hCG clients, throughout Australia and overseas, have shared the experience with similar results.

It is an amazing story

Dr Simeons’ hcg diet was centered around hcg injections. But with the advent of our BioEnergetic non hormonal formula you can now do the program economically and safely yourself, saving thousands of dollars by avoiding the prescription only hCG injections, administered by a medical practitioner.

Our Instruction kit is professionally written, guiding you every step of the way and one of our experienced Naturopaths is just a phone call away. So embrace your aspirations, motivation, focus, and certainty, your persistence, commitment and discipline. With these attributes you will be thrilled, inspired and renewed by the weight loss potential of Dr Simeons hCG dietary program.

This is one of the most complete weight management and body restorative programs you will encounter anywhere today! As successful practicing Naturopaths we have used a broad variety of natural body sculpting techniques and with such experience we have developed an overall body restorative system that will transform many of your bodily expectations. You will be delighted in so many ways making the commitment to at least this one part of the overall awakening journey. Be patient and persistent, you will be thrilled at the wonderful changes that arise for you!

The various dietary kits based on Dr Simeons hCG dietary program provide all the information you will need during the journey, as well as interesting insights into the restorative aspects of the journey.

This program can bring relief to virtually every case of extra fat accumulation and obesity, but the method is not entirely simple. It is exacting and requires perfect and honest cooperation with the method. Each case is individual, and a practitioner is a core asset in Dr Simeons hCG dietary strategy, to answer questions, allay fears and remove misunderstandings.

The overall system involves bioenergetic hCG supplementation and dietary changes which will influence a highly complex bodily mechanism – the hypothalamic control axis. The theory has been proven by many years of practice in Dr Simeons hCG clinic. The problems of obesity often cause life-long suffering. How many lives incapacitated, handicapped, shortened? How many relationships have been challenged? Enjoy this awakening reconstruction of your individual potential, be focused, and be renewed.

Liberate the magnificence of you