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Dropper Starter Kit + Dietary Plan


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The Dropper Starter Kit + Dietary Information includes 30ml or 60ml premium grade diet drops plus our printed essential Information Kit. Perfect for the first time user.

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The Dietary Plan Dropper Starter Kit includes premium grade diet drops (60mls or 30mls)plus our printed essential Information Kit.

30mls is generally sufficient for a weight loss of less than 7kg.

60mls is required for a weight loss in excess of 7kg.

This unique, quality BioEnergetic / homoeopathic multiple homaccord has been carefully formulated in an Australian laboratory working under GMP to facilitate exceptional outcomes in fat metabolism and weight management strategies.

Our printed Information Kit is especially compiled and written by us as experienced Naturopaths and is specifically set up for our BioEnergetic / homoeopathic formula. It incorporates our long term experience, additional explanations and solutions addressing individual’s experiences, extra necessary information for women, and specific lists of acceptable foods for all parts of the journey to make the weight loss experience a comfortable and correct process.

You will also receive included in the printed Information Kit your FREE CD Rom, containing our Chef / Naturopath Rochelle’s Recipe eBook. You will find delicious 500 calorie recipes plus creative ideas for Maintenance Phase recipes suitable for the whole family to enjoy with you whilst you take control of your weight.

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