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One 60mL bottle is sufficient for one 40 day program or two 23 day programs

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One 60mL bottle is required for one 40 day program or two 23 day programs.

(This quantity may be sufficient for a weight loss in excess of 7kg)

This unique, premium quality BioEnergetic / homoeopathic multiple homaccord has been carefully formulated to facilitate exceptional outcomes in fat metabolism and weight management strategies.

You will also be able to download “Pounds and Inches” By Dr Simeons as an ebook. This 63 page manuscript written by Dr Simeons, available to you FREE as a download with this product, is supplied for your convenience so you have some background knowledge of the history, experiences and explanations provided by Dr Simeons in terms of his weight loss program and also to develop a deeper understanding of the diet protocol as it influences you.

Refills alone are not suitable for first time users – additional info by way of our essential printed Information Kit or higher phone and email Support Kits is recommended as necessary.

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