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  • Thorne Berberine 500
    Berberine may:
    • Reduce insulin levels and associated food cravings.
    • Help to decrease the size of your fat cells and cut down on their number as well.
    • Help prevents energy drain and support digestive health.
    • Help stabalise blood sugar levels
    Take 1 capsule 3 x daily with food.
  • Medlab NanoCelle D-3
    Vitamin D may:
    • Help turn off perpetual hunger.
    • Help to increase effect of any weight loss regime.
    Dose: 2 sprays twice daily or as prescribed for a diagnosed Vitamin D deficiency. Blood test form available on request (Fee applies)
  • The Dropper Starter Kit + Dietary Information includes 30ml or 60ml premium grade diet drops plus our printed essential Information Kit. Perfect for the first time user.
  • The 30mL (23 day) Dietary Plan Spray Starter Kit includes 30mLs premium grade diet spray dispenser plus our printed essential Information Kit. Perfect for the first time user seeking a convenient and highly efficient spray applicator and which is sufficient for one 23 day program.
  • The essential printed Information Kit, written by us as experienced qualified Naturopaths, is specific to our BioEnergetic, homoeopathic diet drops and contains additional important information specific to women and persons with health concerns. Information is clearly given for foods to be enjoyed or avoided, as well as supporting products to be used or avoided during the program. Numerous FAQ's are included.
  • One 30mL spray bottle is sufficient for one 23 day program, with the convenience of a spray dispenser.
  • Dropper Refill

    One 60mL bottle is sufficient for one 40 day program or two 23 day programs
  • Alkaline minerals will promote fluid loss and promote calcium retention in your bones. Ketone bodies are natural waste products and are produced when you burn you own fat. Prevent ketone bodies from increasing fluid retention and keep those kilos dropping. Akalising while you lose weight promotes balance and health. Keep alkalising to prevent bone weakening. I consider this an essential part of the weight loss regime.