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We are the creators of the most comprehensive hCG weight loss program available, Lose weight fast and make lifetime transformations comfortable and achievable in 4 strategic phases. The mini guide below will give you a sample of this amazing journey. When you purchase any of our kits, you will receive comprehensive guidelines, the necessary detail, to not only safely guide you through the entire process but also to explain and provide solutions to any plateau, perceived setback or query you may encounter. (Kits including Email Support, Telephone Support or Consultation will of course provide specific individual information for you and your individual experience.)

Phase 1 – Get Organised

A Few days to plan and prepare both your time and your body for the journey to come. This wonderful transformative journey.

Phase 2 – The Drops

Days 1 and 2 – The Loading

  • Weigh yourself daily in the morning after going to the toilet.
  • Take your drops or spray repeatedly through the day.
  • Eat as much and as often as you can throughout the day. That is correct, as much and as often as you can. It is also called forced feeding. The fun part. This will encourage the storage of fat needed to prepare you for the disciplined 500 calorie days that are next.

Days 3-23 – The Very Low Calorie Diet

  • Drink 2-3 litres of water daily. The water assists with detoxification.
  • Eat only what is outlined in the manual and strictly according to the manual.
  • Your meals consist of protein, vegetables and fruit in the form of 2 snacks and 2 meals.
  • You continue to take the drops or spray repeatedly through the day.
  • Any plateau can be resolved with an “apple” day

Days 24-25 – The Flushing Out
Stop the drops or spray and stay on the 500 calorie diet. This flushes out the BioEnergetic action in readiness for the all-important Maintenance Phase that comes next. Continue to consume plenty of water.

Phase 3 – Maintenance. Days 26-49

The maintenance period is regarded as the most important phase as this is where the reset of the hypothalamus occurs, locking in the newly established weight and fat metabolism activities. All foods are increased except starch and sugars. The only rules – watch the scales and avoid all starches and sugars.

Phase 4 – Lifetime Strategies

With gathering confidence, enriching experiences and our further guiding tips, including direct professional mentor access to world champion body sculpting techniques with Annie Hewitt, and an amazing guide to the restorative arts of fermented foods in a “cultured food made easy” teaching video from Anni Philp and Rosanna Wordsworth to support you in both the maintenance and the lifetime strategies phases of our unique program, you really have the tools for lifetime transformation. Body sculpting in just 20 minutes three times a week becomes a reality. Shed the weight, then take it further into your aspirations. We present you the skills and awareness of how to keep your new weight where you want it, for life, and if you desire – to take it to that next level with Annie Hewitt’s, world champion skills, or you will be able to create revitalising fabulous food ferments with easy, step-by-step instructions, even in the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world. Your body and bowels will love you for making these lifetime strategies part of your personal reality.

Some Assisting Thoughts About The Program

The Plateau
If your weight remains stationary without loss for 4-6 days during the low calorie diet phase, the body is going through an important restorative action. However, Dr Simeons suggests an “apple day” as a psychological shunt to get things moving again. Weight loss must have stalled for at least 4 days before you start this.

Apple consumption begins at lunch and finishes at lunch the next day. You are only allowed to consume 6 large apples in this period. You eat them when you feel hungry. 6 apples (maximum) are the only food you eat in this time. Other than water nothing else is allowed.

Maintenance Phase
If you do a 23 day program, you do 23 days of maintenance. If you do a 40 day program you need to do 40 days of maintenance. This process helps you to reset your metabolism at it’s new weight.

You can eat anything, within your individual awareness of appropriate foods, except starches and sugars. Food consumption must increase now as you do not have stores of fat being released into the blood stream to give you the necessary energy you need to go about your day. So you must have good amounts of fats, protein and low sugar fruits.

Once this phase is completed you can add some carefully selected starches and higher sugar fruits back into your diet gradually.

Why buy our “Liberate Yourself” diet drops?

Our unique, quality formulation provides exceptional outcomes in fat metabolism and weight management strategies. There are other inferior products available. We however, have opted for a premium quality non hormonal product and offer qualified Naturopathic services to ensure optimal client outcomes.